MarsaNet is the first commercial rocket avionic network system.  MarsaNet allows flexible configuration of the rocket avionics needed for your flight.  MarsaNet consists of a Marsa altimeter, MrfBridge and the specific MarsaNet gadgets needed for your flight.

Below is a graphic that shows the MarsaNet architecture, MarsaNet gadgets available now and the plans for future additions to the MarsaNet portfolio.


MarsaNet gadgets are added to the rocket and network wirelessly and they automatically configure and link.

For instance a remote pyro unit can be added anywhere on the rocket and the Marsa54L will automatically recognize it and configure itself for the remote pyro operation.

If your flight requires GPS just add the GPS module to the rocket and the Marsa54L will use GPS data as part of the Apogee Kalman figure if so programmed.