Batteries.  What is best?  Alkalines? Rechargeables? LiPo?

The Marsa54L requires a voltage above 7v and maximum voltage is 11v.  The following batteries work well with the Marsa54L.

9V Alkalines Duracell  (welded tabs internal construction means robust strength)

9V Rechargeables MAHA 8.4V NiMH This NiMH rechargeable battery has low internal resistance, 300mah capacity and can supply more current than any other comparible NiMH battery that we have tested.  Better than our previously favorite battery which was the 9.6V MAHA.

Lithium Polymer - Any 2S R/C level Lipo WITHOUT a protection circuit.

MarsaSystems recommended batteries and why.

First Place HobbyKing 2S Nanotech 300mah.  Gobs of current, small, cheap and reliable. What is not to love about these?  Low internal resistance, extremely low self-discharge, and with a 2C charge rate you can fully recharge these batteries from dead at the field in about 30 minutes. With the Marsa54L there are no worries about LiPo's delivering too much current and frying your outputs (like other altimeters).  The Marsa54L is totally Lipo safe with its unique current limited output stages.

Second Place: MAHA 8.4V NiMH. If you prefer a 9V battery form factor the MAHA 8.4V NiMH is a great choice. Welded internal tabs like the Duracell, low internal resistance (for a 9V) and good 300mah capacity makes this a great altimeter battery.  Downsides of the NiMH battery is that it slowly discharges so you have to remember to top it off after periods of non-use.  If you don't it will discharge itself too much and the battery will lose capacity on you and may have to be replaced.

What's wrong with the Duracell? Nothing but its expensive.  Why go through batteries when you can just recharge and top off knowing the battery is fresh before every launch.


MarsaNet Note:  If you are using MarsaNet we recommend a 2S LiPo battery with a larger capacity (400 mah+) because the power usage is a little higher.  Good for pad time.