Programming Procedure


  1. Enter programming mode by a joystick move while in the countdown period of the MARSA54L start-up sequence.

  2. Select the “Custom Setup” menu.

  3. With the cursor pointing to Setup (>Setup) move the joystick to the right to select the Setup Menu.

  4. With the cursor pointing to Chan Setup move the cursor to the right to select the Chan Setup Menu.

  5. The programmed setting for Channel 1 (Chan1) will be displayed on the screen. With the cursor pointing at Chan1 (>Chan1) moving the cursor down or up will step through the other Channel settings.

  6. To change a channel’s programmed event, move the joystick to the right. That will move the cursor to point to the channel’s programmed event type. Each additional joystick move to the right will step through the other event types.

  7. With the cursor pointing to the desired event type for the channel moving the joystick down will position the cursor to the second line pointing at the first option for the selected event. Move the joystick right and left to step through the available options for the event.

  8. If the event has a second option it can be changed by moving the joystick down to select the third line. Moving the joystick right or left changes the value for the third option.

  9. Repeat the above procedure for the other channels by navigating the cursor back to pointing to ChanX.

  10. Finally save the program settings by returning the cursor back to Chan Setup (>Chan Setup) by simply reversing the joystick navigation.

  11. Options in the Advanced Setup Menu (Adv Setup) can be programmed in a similar manner.