The following MarsaNet Gadgets are available. Marsa54L Firmware build 17 or later is required to support MarsaNet.


The MrfBridge connects to the expansion header on the Marsa54L and provides the wireless bridge to the devices on the MarsaNet network.  A connection cable is included with a MrfBridge.  An LED cable as part of the MrfBridge cable is offered as an option.  Price $49


Cable Option


The MrfPyro is a 2-channel remote pyro unit that can be placed anywhere on the rocket and be controlled by a Marsa54L.  The MrfPyro functions identically to the onboard pyro outputs of the Marsa54L including preflight continuity checks and full 8A output capability. Each MrfPyro has its own 260ma LiPo battery that can be charged by an integrated onboard battery charger connected to a USB output.  The MrfPyro has indicator LED for each channel output for testing purposes. Up to 2 MrfPyro's can be on a MarsaNet which can provide up to 9 total channels of event programming with a Marsa54L. Price $69

Mrf Pyro number
PAN ID of your MrfBridge