Note on accelerometer choice:

Bigger is not alway better. The 50g accelerometer option will be more accurate than the 100g for flights less than 56g. Choose the 100g option only if you expect flight above 56g (that's alot).


  • 5 Channels
  • 4 High Current outputs
  • 1 signal level AUX output
  • Accelerometer 50g or 100g optional
  • Barometric Sensor to 45K MSL
  • Programmable Events
    • Apogee [Baro Only, Accel Only, Baro or Accel, Kalman Filter, programmable delay]
    • Altitude [Altitude set 100' increments, programmable delay]
    • Timer [From launch, from burnout, at altitude, altitude lockout airstart safety]
  • 4 programming memory presets
  • Input battery voltage range: 7v - 11v, Li-polymer battery safe
  • Output current rating: 8A, current limited, short-circuit protected
  • USB interface

Battery recommendation: MarsaSystems recommends the use of 2S Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries with the Marsa54L and Marsa54LHD altimeters. Do not be concerned with battery capacity and C rating, the Marsa54L/LHD has current protected outputs in flight mode.

Price: $179