MARSA54LHD Flight Computer

  • Removable LCD Screen
  • Up to 9 programmable channels with MarsaNet
  • $189 with screen
  • Marsa33LHD $199
  • $159 less screen
  • Marsa33LHD less screen $169
System Options



The Marsa54LHD is the latest evolution of the Marsa4/54 family of advanced flight computers.  Over 8 years of constant development and improvement has resulted in an extremely high reliable flight computer. If your flight events have to happen you will want to include the Marsa in your avionics bay.


  • 4 Pyro output channels onboard
  • 1 TTL level AUX channel
  • Expandable to 4 additional remove pyro channels by using MarsaNet gadgets
  • Baro sensor and accelerometer 50g (100g optional)
  • Extensive on-board diagnostics
    • Live sensor readings
    • Ematch connected resistance
    • Integrated LED on outputs to test outputs
    • Flight simulator to test and validate programming
  • Advanced continuity check - measures ematch resistance instead of simple continuity
    • Detects sorted outputs
    • Detects abnormally high resistance
  • Programmable events
    • Apogee via Barometric sensor only, Accelerometer Only, Baro Or Accel, Kalman Filter
    • Main Altitude settable in 100 ft increments
    • Timer from Launch, from motor burnout or Altitude on the way up
    • Timer - Altitude lockout for staging applications