Ordered 3 protos of the MarsaNet GPS (MrfGPS) boards.  The MarsaNet GPS appliance will be a little different than currently available GPS solutions on the market now.

Current rocket GPS systems on the market now usually combine the GPS and transmitter on the same board and send data down to a complimentary reciever making an integrated standalone solution.  Nothing wrong with that.

The MarsaNet GPS module is a network appliance and works as a GPS data server.  So it simply consists of a GPS module (u-blox module) and the low power MRF transciever that connects to the network.  The GPS data for location tracking gets to the ground by using the MarsaNet transmitter on board the rocket.  In addition the Marsa54L will also use the GPS data in Kalman filterning mode as another data input to determine the rockets apogee and altitude.

As with all the other MarsaNet gadgets the GPS module can be placed anywhere on the rocket to maximize convience and reliability and to minimize interference from other RF and electronic devices on your rocket.