When or how will my older Marsa54L be able to use MarsaNet?  I get that question often.

The upgrade process for 54L to 54L-MarsaNet is a little more complicated than regular upgrades.  The reason is that channel setup and initialization is stored in EEPROM memory of the processor instead of the PROGRAM memory.  Normal firmware upgrades only change the program.  Because Marsa54L MarsaNet has 9 channels of programming instead of 5 this means the EEPROM structure needs to be changed during the upgrade.  Not a big problem but the firmware upgrade is a little more complicated.

Today I tried the version of this upgrade and it almost worked!  So we are close.

Now that the MarsaNet initial launch process is settled down we can get back to work on this upgrade.  Hopefully in the next week or so the upgrade firmware can be thoroughly tested, allow for a little bug fixes and release shortly thereafter.  Stay tuned.