More software development on the telemetry radios today.  The MarsaNet telemetry radios are not simply one-way links of data to the ground but rather devices on the network.  This means there is traffic going both ways including traffic to configure, find and validate connections.

When the Marsa54L starts it looks for devices on the MarsaNet network.  Pings are sent back and forth to validate devices.  When a telemetry transmitter is detected the Marsa54L instructs the telemetry transmitter to see if there is a ground receiver on the network.  A ping is sent to the ground receiver and the Marsa54L waits for a return. If one is received then the Marsa54L knows there is a ground receiver on the net, if there isn't one then it knows that also and may affect how it deals with that situation.

MarsaSystems is currently defining all the posssible telemetry use cases and designing the software accordingly. System should be ready for beta in a very short time.