The New Marsa33LHD

Continuing the evolution of the Marsa line of rocketry altimeters. Now 33mm narrow.  Now your 54mm minimum diameter rockets can easily fit the Marsa altimeter.

Marsa33LHD Features

  • 4 channel (FET output) + 1 TTL Aux output on-board
  • Accelerometer + Barometric sensors
  • Very high intensity Cree LED on-board for visual status
  • Removable LCD interface for event programming and altimeter diagnostics
  • LiPo battery safe with current limited FET outputs
  • Most advanced onboard diagnostics and ematch continuity and quality checking available
  • MarsaConnect PC-Windows software package for flight data analysis
  • Motor characterization from Marsa flight data within MarsaConnect

Click Here for Detailed description of Marsa33 features


Are you planning to fly high?  Like out of the atmosphere? Consider adding the option Conformal Coating option.
The conformal coating will also provides additional chemical, shock and environmental protection.

The altimeter is oven dried, coated with a Milspec urethane coating and cured.


Conformal Coating $20